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Who Was Shakespeare?

Who Was Shakespeare? published on No Comments on Who Was Shakespeare?

There is very little evidence left of the life of William Shakespeare. What we do know is that Shakespeare was not upper class, or a university graduate and was from a small provincial town. This has lead certain people to believe that it is impossible that he could have written some of the finest plays, even sentences in the English language.

Well, I think Peter Ackroyd’s biography sorts that one out, making clear connections between the plays and the life and language of Warwickshire.

Shakespeare THE BIOGRAPHY By PETER ACKROYD Shakespeare for Schools

Read more details about the book here

Michael Wood’s ‘In search of Shakespeare’ makes a good read but I think it is out of print; there are plenty of second hand copies flying around the internet or you can watch the BBC series.


Popular Videos – William Shakespeare & Documentary : BBC Michael Wood In Search Of Shakes


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