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The Wind in The Willows Show

“​Mr. Mole discovers the joys of the Riverbank with his new friend Ratty. Join their adventures as they meet the irrepresible Mr. Toad, journey into the wild woods to visit Mr. Badger and save Toad Hall from the rascally weasels.“​

Wind in the Willows theatre show Splats Entertainment have been producing wonderful theatre shows for families since 1993. Enjoy a glimpse of the riverbank here.
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Katie and the Mona Lisa LIVE!

Imagine if art could come alive! When Katie visits a gallery with her Grandma and sees the Mona Lisa, a mad-cap adventure follows as she steps into Mona Lisa’s world and discovers she has lost her smile. Can Katie restore the famous enigmatic expression, with the help of magical Renaissance paintings, before the gallery guard catches her?

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